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That Sinking Feeling

We have all seen images of Sinkholes, but have you ever encountered one for real? A scary thought would be if a sinkhole opened up while driving at 70mph on a busy motorway… Well for some drivers in the UK this became a reality, when 2 sinkholes appeared on the M25 in the central reservation and caused a closure between junction 4 & 5 this month. Before that another one opened up on the A120 causing big delays in both directions on 30th May. However, it’s not just public roads that are affected, Pensioners in Nottinghamshire discovered a sinkhole on their driveway, which is currently at a metre wide but they fear that it will get worse and potentially cause damage to their home.  

Sinkholes are usually the result of natural causes, however they can be accelerated when combined with human activity. For example building works that compromise the structural integrity of underlying rock. In addition construction above ground such as roads or
buildings causes water displacement and forces rain water to collect in other areas, washing away the supporting rock layers over time.

In January 2000, a 19th century chalk mine collapsed causing major subsidence of overlaying ground around the Field Road and Coley Road area in Reading. Large parts of Berkshire predominantly rests upon natural deposits of chalk and clay that were mined extensively from Medieval Times to as late as World War 2. The chalk mines beneath Field Road and Coley Road were from the Victorian era and it is believed leaky pipes were the cause for this to weaken and eventually collapse. This part of Reading is now one of the safest areas to live in following stabilisation of the underground mines.

Reading Collapes

As independent resellers of all varieties of mining (future, past & present) and ground stability reports, we ensure that all are mining products are designed to give you and your clients peace of mind that no matter where you are in the country, we’ve got you covered.

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general election

The General Election

It’s been 2 and a half years since the last General Election, on 12th December we will be heading back to the polls. With the election behind us, we hope there will be more clarity over Brexit. ...

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flooding facts

Are You Flooded With Facts?

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protecting your data

Protecting Your Data

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