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Latest News

NEW product updates

Product Updates - Price Increase November 2022

Southern Water CON29DW price increase

Southern Water will be increasing the price of their Residential and Commercial CON29DW, effective 3rd January 2023. These will be automatically updated on the search ordering platform. 

Southern Water New Sales Price (ex VAT) New Sales Price (inc VAT)
CON29DW Residential   £51.20  £61.44
CON29DW Commercial   £128.14  £153.77

Landmark Legal & Argyll Reports price increase

Landmark and Argyll reports will be increasing their Recommended Retail Pricing as of 3rd January 2023. These price increases will be automatically updated on the search ordering platform. 

Landmark Residential Reports  New Sales Price (ex VAT)  New Sales Price (inc VAT)
Homecheck Environmental  £47.50  £57.00
Envirosearch Residential   £56.75  £68.10
RiskView Residential  £90.75  £108.90
Landmark Flood  £36.75  £44.10
Landmark Planning Residential   £40.00  £48.00
Energy and Infrastructure   £35.00  £42.00
Homecheck Mining & Subsidence  £25.00  £30.00
Landmark CON29M  £40.00  £48.00
Landmark Commercial Reports  New Sales Price (ex VAT)  New Sales Prices (inc VAT)
Sitecheck Assess  £198.00  £237.60
Sitecheck Combined   £277.75  £333.30
Site Solutions Highways  £159.50  £191.40
Utilities Report - Standard Service (20-day delivery)  £412.50  £495.00
Utilities Report - Premium Service (10-day delivery)  £522.50  £627.00
Utilities Report - Express Service (5-day delivery)  £632.50  £759.00
Argyll Environmental Reports  New RRP ex VAT  New RRP inc VAT
SiteSolutions Combined  £365.00  £438.00
SiteSolutions Residence  £120.00  £144.00
SiteSolutions Commercial  £297.00  £356.40
SiteSolutions Farm  £315.00  £378.00
FloodSolutions Commercial  £155.00 £186.00

Important change to radon data in Groundsure reports from 1st December 2022:

From 1st December 2022, a revised radon dataset will be deployed as part of some of their environmental searches and hazard alerts service.

This will increase not only the accuracy but also the number of properties falling within radon affected areas in England, Wales and Scotland, including a general uprating in areas formally less known to have radon naturally occurring. There are no changes to the radon potential class, but the areas have been expanded and the location accuracy further improved.

Groundsure suggest that for any ongoing transactions, you may wish to discuss this with your client and consider getting a refresh Radon Check or obtain a new environmental search.

The reports that will include the improved dataset are:

Residential Reports
Groundsure Avista Residential 
Groundsure In One
Groundsure Homebuyers
Groundsure Homebuyers Plus
Groundsure Homescreen
Groundsure Planning
Commercia Reports
Groundsure Agricultural
Groundsure Review
Groundsure Review with Planning Applications
Groundsure Screening

If you have any questions about the changes above, please get in touch with your CDS Account Manager, or please call a member of our Customer Care Team on 0118 969 0839

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