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**Go to News/Events page to read about Covid 19 - BCP Implementation we have in place **Delays with Copeland Personal Searches **Camden Land Charges are currently experiencing large delays with a high volume of back logged searches **Maldon Council are delayed around 60 working days for OLAS’s **Mansfield Council turnaround time is looking around 25 working days 

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What Can We Do?

Climate Change is happening, action is needed but what can the Government, industries and us as
individuals do to prevent this getting worse. Global changes by economic sector is the answer.
There are a mixture of feeling about renewable energy sources, that wind turbines and solar panels are changing our landscapes for the worse. However, we can’t deny that renewable energy is the way

forward and it will develop over time. There have been reasons that we haven’t used renewable energy sooner and that was due to it being more expensive than fossil fuels, but recently there has been a rapid fall in the cost of production for renewable energy.
In the UK, solar farms and wind turbines onshore and offshore have been built in the last few years. Concerns that our picturesque landscapes are going to have these renewable energy sources all over them but there is also concern to homeowners and buyers that they could be built near homes which can be an eye sore.

Solar Power
Solar Power had led the way. This form of energy relies on the nuclear fusion power from the core of the sun. Solar Power is now the cheapest form of newly installed electricity in more than 60 countries. 

Wind Power 
In the UK for a long time, we've been considering future energy sources, what's become clearer recently is that some technologies are performing better than others. Increasingly that has been wind power. In the UK we are building some of the biggest offshore wind terbines in the world. The bigger the turbine the more wind can be captured, just one revolution of these blades can power a house for a day. 

Last week I wrote an article about the Whitehaven Coal Mining opening, considering both the positives and the negatives to the first deep coal mine to open in decades. Although at the time I thought it would benefit the local economy, prior to watching the David Attenborough documentary ‘Climate Change The Facts’. I was unware on how much of an impact Global Warming is having on our planet and now think that reopening a coal mine is taking a step back in our fight against Global Warming. We should be thinking about the future, it’s time to move away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy.

At Conveyancing Data Services we have a range of products from a variety of providers that give a comprehensive search for historic, existing and planned energy and transport
infrastructure searches such as oil/gas sites, power stations, wind turbines, solar farms, HS2,cross rail etc. These search are suitable for both residential and commercial properties.Using our online ordering portal, we will alert you as to which products should be ordered.

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COVID 19 - BCP Implementation

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