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Tenancy in Common

This is where two or more people buy a house together and have a fixed share of the property (for example 50/50).

Term of the Lease

The word term refers to duration, so Term of the Lease means the duration or length to time it will run for.


The Title of a property belongs to the person who has the legal ownership.

Title Deeds

These are the deeds which detail who owns the Title. They can also be called the Office Copies.

Title insurance

This is an insurance policy that covers the owners in case of any disputes over the legal ownership of a property. We are an appointed representative of First Title and therefore can provide very competitive Title Insurance policies. Please make an enquiry to request prices or more information.

Town and Country Planning Act

This is the act which regulates land use and development. It is the act which demands the need for planning permission.

Town Centre Management

A partnership of local organisations, businesses and individuals to promote the common good of a town by developing, managing, promoting and improving facilities, the useful resources, the economy and the environment of a town centre.

Town Centre Strategy

Action plans to sustain and encourage the growth of services and amenities in a town centre through a partnership of the local authority and various organizations and people.

Town Centres

Describes city, town and traditional suburban centres which provide a broad range of facilities and services and which fulfill a function as a focus for a community and for public transport.

Traffic Calming

Management measures designed to lower traffic speeds or redirect traffic to alternative routes to avoid congestion, reduce accidents and injuries and prevent excess levels of pollution.


This is the legal document that transfers the ownership of a property from seller to buyer.

Transfer Deed

This is the legal document that sets out the terms of the purchase. It can sometimes be called the Purchase Deed.

Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

A direction made by a local planning authority that makes it an offence to cut, top, lop, uproot or willfully damage or destroy a tree without that authority's permission.

Trustee in bankruptcy

This is a legal representative who is responsible for managing the debt of someone that has been made bankrupt.

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