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An easement is a right given to the owner of a property over land or a property owned by someone else. Usually it is an access right.

Energy Performance Certificate

A report which details the energy efficiency of a property. A legal requirement for both residential and commercial property

Enforcement Notice

A notice requiring the discontinuance of an unauthorised use and/or the removal of buildings, including restoration of land, where development has been begun without permission or in breach of a condition.


This is specialist terminology used to describe the final copy of a contract or legal document. It means that this document is ready for both parties to sign.

Environment Information Regulations 2004

This is a statutory instrument that provides right of access to environmental information held by UK public authorities. This is the legislation we use to obtain some information from a Local Authority for our searches. It is often abbreviated to EIR or known as an EIR Request.

Environmental Improvement Corridor

Enhance the appearance on Improvement Corridors in the city by: - requiring development proposals to retain existing landscape and wildlife features and contribute to the overall aim of improving the environment of the corridor by: - incorporating a high standard of landscaping and boundary treatment within the site; - paying particular attention to screening, structures and buildings adjacent to the road, railway or canal; - carrying out environmental improvements to vacant land and derelict land. Also landscaping schemes along the corridor generally;

Environmental Search

This is a search to find out anything that may have a negative affect on the environment in and around the property. It is usually used to find out if there is any risk of contaminated land and also provides some information on flood risk. We provide a multitude of environmental searches and can supply ones produced by ether Groundsure or Landmark. Please make an enquiry if you wish to know more, request a sample or ask for some prices.

Epitome of Title

This is the list and collection of documents which prove ownership of an unregistered property.

Exchange of Contracts

This is when the contracts of sale are exchanged and it is the point that buyer and seller officially agree that the sale will go ahead. It is also the point in time when the deposit is paid. Once you?ve "exchanged" neither side can back out with legal consequences (including losing the deposit).


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