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Richards August Reflections

10 Aug 2018   |   Sophie McKeown   |   0 Comments


Rather surprisingly I predicted that England would get to the knock-out stages of the football world cup in my last missive, which they did! Although I think getting to the semi-final was beyond even the most optimistic pundit’s prediction, but the boys done good, so to speak. Well done to them. It was good to tag along for the ride.

 Glancing into my silver ball again I have another prediction to make and that is that eventually, albeit at the last minute, the UK will leave the EU with a deal.

 That by no means should be taken to mean that our politicians will actually start taking their responsibilities seriously and stop only making statements and taking stances for their own personal and political gain, because they won’t. To be honest I find it quite inexcusable how, when faced with the most important negotiation this country has been involved in for many a year, some of our elected MPs are more interested in themselves and their own careers than ‘getting a good deal for Britain!’

 No, my prediction is based on the following:


  • The world is now a connected economy, a no deal Brexit would actually be bad for world growth, so pressure will be applied from around the globe to make sure it doesn’t happen.
  • The UK and the EU do a load of trade with each other, neither side realistically wants to ‘lose’ that as a result of a no deal.
  • No one knows what would happen if there was a no deal Brexit, all other scenarios therefore allow for a level of planning/security etc.
  • There are civil servants on both sides who will make sure that a deal is hammered out.
  • And finally……………all sides ‘win’ with a late deal


What do I mean by that last point?


OK, well let’s take each interested party in turn and see why this is the case.


We’ll start with the Eurocrats who want to ‘teach us a lesson’ for wanting to leave the EU in the first place. A late deal gives them (and their supporters of course) the satisfaction that they have made the UK sweat before coming to a deal and also that the UK economy has been essentially stalled for the past 18 months (or 2 years as it will be by then). I think anyone involved in property transactions has seen that effect.


What about the hard-line Brexiteers who claim to want Brexit at all cost. I’m sure that these guys know that a no deal break would be ‘unfavourable’ for the UK economy in the short to medium term (and who would then vote for them again in the midst of a recession?) but by holding out for as long as possible to announce a deal, they could insist that they have fought long and hard to get the ‘best deal’ for Britain and that we were now free to make out own trade deals/run our own borders etc. etc.


The Remainers would likewise claim that the best deal had been done by keeping all the good bits of our trade and links with the EU and so on.


There are other positions, of course, but I think you get my point. A late deal allows good spin for all!


So fingers crossed that in the best reflection of “Yes, Minister” the guys behind the scenes do their work.


It’s the silly season again for Local Authority TATs I’m afraid. Please keep an eye on our website for the latest news but we have already alerted you to a number of local authorities who are completely closing down for a week or so during the holiday season and there is usually a general slowdown during the summer as people deal with holidays and so on anyway. So no surprise that the TATs for both Personal and Official searches fell back a bit in July and unfortunately experience tells us that this is continued in August as well. However things tend to soon get back to normal in the late summer/autumn so its’ only temporary.


Anyway here are the Authorities that are heading for ‘no deal’:


OLAS (Official)   PLAS (Personal)  
North Wiltshire District Council 42 Islington London Borough Council 33
Worthing Borough Council 26 Adur District Council 25
Birmingham City Council 24 Boston Borough Council 25
Dudley Met Borough Council 24 Harrogate Borough Council 25
Copeland Borough Council 23 Lewes District Council 25
Forest Heath District Council 23 Shrewsbury & Atcham Borough Council 25
Lewes District Council 23 Hackney London Borough Council 24
Pembrokeshire County Council 21 King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council 24
Greenwich London Borough Council 20 Harlow District Council 23
Derby City Council/Res 19 South Cambridgeshire District Council 23
Stratford-Upon-Avon Dist Ccl/Res 19 South Kesteven District Council 23
West Wiltshire DC 19 Trafford Borough Council 23
Blaby District Council/Res 18 Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council 22
Chichester District Council 18 Fenland District Council 22
Hackney London Borough Council 18 Neath Porth Talbot County Borough Council 22
Harrogate Borough Council/Res 18 North Lincolnshire District Council 22
Maldon District Council/Res 18 Nottingham City Council 22
Rochford District Council 18 Oadby & Wigston Borough Council 22
East Staffordshire Bor Cncl/Res 17 Stoke-on-Trent City Council 22
Stafford Borough Council/Com 17 Bridgnorth District Council 21


One thing that 2018 will be remembered for is it’s Summer which has so far broken all sorts of records. We seem to be on a couple of days break from the steamy heat at the moment and it’s actually raining outside as I type (although too little and too late to save my garden!), but most forecasts I have seen predict a return to the mid-20’s by the end of the weekend/early next week.


So if you’ve already been away, I hope you enjoyed a well-deserved break and if you are still to go then I hope you have a wonderful time?


Kind regards




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