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LA & Waterboard

Local Authorities & Waterboard Update

20 Jan 2021   |   Joanna Fowke   |   0 Comments

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of our LA and Waterboard update for Personal Searches.

Our Private Water and Drainage Search Turnaround Times have remained steady across ALL water companies and is constant 10 Working Days, see full details below as this is now quicker than some Official Water and Drainage Searches.

Our list of LA’s with delays has got marginally shorter, but not by many we are sorry to say, some on the list are also getting further behind with their workloads and delays are extending.

We hope you continue to find this list useful and if you need any further information please do get in touch.

Adur (20-25 working days)
Arun - Currently unable to provide Personal Searches, searches can be provided as an LLC1 at an additional charge of £20
Barnet (30-35 working days)
Barrow in Furness (25-30 Working days)
Bedford (40-45 Working days)
Blaby (25-30 Working days)
Blaenau Gwent (35-40 Working days)
Boston (40-45 Working days)
Breckland (25-30 Working days)
Broxtowe (20-25 Working days)
Buckinghamshire (Aylesbury Vale) (20-25 Working days)
Caerphilly (35-40 Working days)
Cambridge (25-30 Working days)
Camden (20-25 Working days)
Cannock Chase (30-35 Working days)
Central Bedfordshire (30-35 Working days)
Chelmsford (30-35 Working days)
Chichester (20-25 Working days)
Colchester (20-25 Working days)
Cornwall (20-25 Working days)
Coventry (20-25 Working days)
Dacorum (25-30 Working days)
Derby (20- 25 working days)
Dorset (North Dorset) (45-50 Working days)
Dorset (West Dorset) (45-50 Working days)
Dorset (Weymouth & Portland) (20-25 Working days)
Durham (20-25 Working days)
Ealing - System upgrade 18th- 21st January, No Personal searches to be booked for the week up to and including Friday 22nd January, delays expected. 
East Hampshire (25-30 Working days)
East Riding of Yorkshire (20-25 Working days)
East Staffordshire (25-30 Working days)
Epping Forest (20-25 Working days)
Fenland (25-30 Working days)
Flintshire (30-35 Working days)
Gravesham - Personal Search requests no longer being accepted, searches can be ordered at an additional fee of £26.40
Hackney - Due to a Cyber attack there is a suspension on ALL services. Searches currently not available
Harlow (20-25 Working days)
Harrogate (40-45 Working days)
Hastings (25-30 Working days)
Havering (20-25 Working days)
Herefordshire (20-25 Working days)
Hertsmere (20-25 Working days)
Hinckley & Bosworth (25-30 Working days)
Horsham (20-25 Working days)
Huntingdon (45-50 Working days) 
Kingston Upon Thames (20-25 Working days)
Lewes (25-30 Working days)
Lewisham (25-30 Working days)
Lichfield (40-45 Working days) 
Neath Port Talbot (20-25 Working days) 
Newcastle upon Tyne (30-35 Working days)
North Norfolk (20-25 Working days)
North Warwickshire (55-60 Working days)
Oadby & Wigston (25-30 Working days)
Pembrokeshire (50-55 Working days)
Plymouth (20-25 Working days)
Redbridge (20-25 Working days)
Rossendale (20-25 Working days)
Rother (25-30 Working days)
Sandwell (30-35 Working days)
Sefton (20-25 Working days)
South Cambridgeshire (25-30 Working days)
South Derbyshire (50-55 Working days)
Southend-on-Sea (20-25 Working days)
South Staffordshire (45-50 Working days)
Stoke on Trent (25-30 Working days)
Tamworth (40-45 Working days)
Tendring (20-25 Working days)
Test Valley (20-25 Working days)
Torbay (20-25 Working days)
Torridge (20-25 Working days)
Trafford - OLAS ONLY- Currently unavailable due to cyber attack within the Highways department, PLAS still available
Waltham Forest (25-30 Working days) 
Wealden (35-40 Working days)
West Lancashire (20-25 Working days)
West Lindsey (25-30 Working days)
Wirral - Current closed, still awaiting an update as to whether the Council can provide an alternative service
Wiltshire (45-50 Working days)

Councils now only processing Personal Search for an additional fee:

Arun - £20.00
Canterbury - £30.00
City of York - £21.00
Gravesham - £26.40
Selby - £22.70

Following Water Companies are Business as Usual:

Please note there are slight delays but the overall turnaround time for all waterboards is 10 working days.

Anglian Water - Business as usual. (Please note that turnaround time for Official Water & Drainage is 15-20 working days for a straight forward search, however if a query is raised, delays up to 14 working days are expected)
Northumbrian Water - Business as usual.
Southern Water - Business as usual.
South West Water - Business as usual.
Seven Trent Water - Business as usual.
Thames Water - Business as usual (Please note that turnaround time for Official Water & Drainage is 10-15 working days)
Welsh Water - Personal Search service is unaffected but limited Official Search Service (taking 20 working days).
Wessex Water - Business as usual.
United Utilities - Business as usual.
Yorkshire Water - Business as usual.

Your CDS Team 


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